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The Necessity of Air Duct Cleaning: Why You Need a Professional to Do It

Did you know that indoor pollution levels are actually 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollution levels? That’s definitely a shocking revelation – and incorrect ventilation systems are a major cause for these statistics. 

Air duct cleaning is one very important aspect of home maintenance that many homeowners tend to ignore. Yet, it can significantly improve air quality inside the home. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air duct cleaning is not needed on a regular basis, but it should be done once a year to ensure that everything’s in order.

Why Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Air ducts play the very important role of helping in ventilating the house and maintaining clean air indoors for you to breathe in. 

When ducts are not cleaned in a long time, they get clogged and this affects the ventilation of the house. Not only does this lead to a build-up of dust, mold, moisture, pollen, allergens, and even nesting grounds for small animals, it also causes unpleasant odor which keeps circulating inside the house with no passage to be vented out.

When Do You Need To Bring Someone In For Air Duct Cleaning?

There are times when you will need to call a professional to have a look at your air ducts other than the once-a-year inspection. Here are the four major instances:

  • Significant Growth Of Mold Inside The Ducts. Mold is a deadly disease for any air duct system. Not only does it damage the surface it’s growing on, it also releases tiny spores that float in the air and pose a serious health risk for your family. If you see any signs of mold around your ducts or on the HVAC system, call a specialist immediately to come and correct the problem.
  • Vermin Infestation. It’s quite common to find rats, squirrels, bees, and other vermin using your ducts to build a home or access your home. It’s quite clear that when you see signs of an infestation in your ducts, it’s time to schedule a duct cleaning. There will probably be nesting material, droppings, hair, foodstuffs, dead animals, and other things inside the duct that need to be cleaned out after a vermin infestation is detected. 
  • Clogged Ducts. If more than a year has gone by and you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned, they’re probably filthy on the inside and clogging the flow of air. Dirt, dust, allergens, pet hair, debris, and other items accumulate inside air ducts and hinder ventilation which not only damages the ducts themselves but also causes other problems such as allergies and breathing issues. 
  • You Had A Major Renovation Inside Your House. Renovation projects leave a lot of dust and debris around the house and it’s only natural that some of it ends up inside your air ducts. Some renovation projects also involve the removal of paint and mold – both also leading to accumulation inside air vents. If you hadn’t sealed off your ducts during the renovation, you need to hire a professional to come in and clean out the ducting system in detail to remove trapped debris.

Do You Need A Professional To Do Your Air Duct Cleaning?

You most definitely need to call in a professional to clean out your air ducts. Cleaning ducts is not a DIY job, and you might even end up costing yourself more in calling in a specialist to fix your job gone wrong than what you had planned to save by doing it yourself. 

The wrong approach to cleaning or the wrong products can cause significant, and often irreplaceable, damage. This will force you to buy a costly replacement and get more work done than what was originally needed. 

That’s why you need to hire a qualified HVAC technician for proper duct cleaning, MD. A professional will know what tools to use to remove mold and debris, how to clean and sanitize the inside of the duct, and also how to identify leaks and fix them.

Why Dr. Duct Cleaning?

At Dr. Duct, we pride ourselves on our team of skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to providing you with a hassle-free experience, following all the regulations and safety codes of duct cleaning. 

We care about your health and the quality of your indoor air. We’ve been in the business for years, and our commitment to excellence and constant improvement is what gives us a 100% customer satisfaction rate.  Whether you need someone to come in for servicing and maintenance, thorough cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, or simply a house call to consult with you on ducting issues you’re facing, Dr. Duct is here to help!


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