Vent cleaning is one of the most overlooked services yet the most important service we provide our clients. An extremely filthy or blocked dryer exhaust is a severe fire hazard!

DR.DUCT INC technicians use only the most recent and state of the art tools; high powered vacuums with rotary brush combinations to clean your dryer vents, heating and/or cooling air ducts and air ducts and furnaces in your homes, condos and apartments.

Cleaner Vent Saves You Money

Lint are these tiny fibers that accumulate along with other debris and build up in your vents causing drying time to increase efficiency to decrease and the possibility of causing a fire (Lint is a extremely flammable material).

Lint has been known to block air flow, cause excessive build up of heat and as a result it could catch fire! Dryers that have a longer run time than usual and loads of laundry that are still damp are good indicators of a blocked dryer duct exhaust.

Our specially trained technicians have the special tools and equipment required as well as the “know how” to restore efficiency to your dryer.

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Dryer Fires

Cleanliness of the lint screen, Monitor the dryer vent during regular operation, and remove any blockages.

Nothing can replace the valuable knowledge our technician’s posses. Having one of our qualified technicians cleaning your dryer periodically will lessen the amount of lint.